How to Sell a Home in Raleigh NC

Selling a home involves more than merely putting up a "For Sale" sign on your front lawn or uploading a few random photos of your property, particularly if you're aiming to get the most out of the transaction. Let's face it; everyone wants to maximize their profits. That's why we've created the ultimate checklist for selling a house.

As your agent, it is our job to research the price, market the home and do everything we can to facilitate the transaction and create a smooth real estate deal but there are some things you can do to help your home sell faster.

What Homeowners Can Do to Sell Their Homes FasterHow to Sell a Home in Raleigh NC

Curb Appeal

Buyers often judge a house by its outward appearance, for better or worse. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that potential buyers have a positive first impression of your property, which inspires them to attend the open house or schedule a tour to see more.

Fortunately, by making some simple improvements, such as planting vibrant flowers and repainting the front door, you can entice prospective buyers to enter your home. If you're unsure how to enhance your property's curb appeal, seek advice from your real estate agent on how other homeowners in your area have upgraded their exteriors before selling their houses.


Begin by thoroughly cleaning visible areas such as counters, windowsills, and tables. Don't forget to clean behind closed doors, including closets, drawers, and cupboards, as buyers tend to examine everything during a viewing.

If your house is cluttered, potential buyers may be hesitant to purchase it, fearing they won't have enough space for their own belongings. To avoid this, consider donating excess items or storing them off-site. Not only will decluttering help make your house more appealing to buyers, but it will also simplify your move once you've accepted an offer. Packing ahead of time will make the moving process smoother.

How to Sell a Home in Raleigh NCDe-Personalize

The following item on your checklist for selling a house involves eliminating distractions, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves and their family residing in the property.

To accomplish this, sellers should remove personal items and family photos, along with bold artwork and furniture that may not appeal to the general public. The aim is to establish a neutral space that allows buyers to envision their own lifestyle within the property, creating an emotional connection that encourages them to make an offer.

Stay Neutral

While it's understandable that you may adore that orange accent wall, it's important to note that potential buyers might not share the same sentiment. It's wise to stick with neutral colors that are less likely to elicit negative reactions. Light colors, in particular, enable buyers to envision what the walls would look like with a color of their choice.

Ultimately, as a seller, it's your responsibility to assist buyers in imagining themselves living in the house. If they can't visualize themselves in the space, they may opt to explore other real estate options.

Fix and Repair

Small details like a loose handle or a missing lightbulb may seem insignificant, but they can create a negative impression on potential buyers. These minor issues may cause them to question if there are any larger, underlying problems with the property.

For buyers, purchasing a home is a significant commitment. As a seller, it's essential to ensure that your house leaves a positive impression on potential buyers. The last thing you want is to give them any reason to doubt that your property will make an ideal home.

Check OdorsHow to Sell a Home in Raleigh NC

Unpleasant odors, even if subtle, can be a deal-breaker for potential buyers, and the issue is that you might not be able to detect them. It's important to have an unbiased third party visit your property to identify any pet smells or lingering odors from your kitchen.

If the odors are widespread, it's necessary to do some deep cleaning, as many buyers are aware of seller's "masking techniques," such as candles or plug-in deodorizers. Moreover, covering up unpleasant odors with a stronger scent may not be effective if the buyer dislikes the scent of lavender or artificial citrus.


After cleaning your house, it's essential to continue cleaning to ensure that your property looks immaculate. Even if you're not concerned about your home's scent, it's critical to keep it tidy for potential buyers.

Consider this: You'll most likely have professional photos taken of your house when it's looking its best. Naturally, you'll want your property to resemble those pictures at all times.

When selling your home, maintaining cleanliness is crucial for buyers, and you never know when a buyer may request a last-minute tour. Be sure to pay extra attention to the bathroom, ensuring that the tile, counters, shower, and floors are pristine.


Nothing breathes new life into a house quite like new furnishings or a perfectly placed mirror. The key to achieving this is by having your home professionally staged.

Professional home stagers will assess the current condition and contents of your house and determine which elements could be improved. They may suggest purchasing or renting some items, or they may simply reorganize your knick-knacks and bookshelves in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

Stagers possess knowledge of the real estate market and understand what sells. Therefore, it's crucial to heed their advice and not take offense when they make significant changes. Their objective is to generate interest from potential buyers, which is always good news for the seller.

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