We Persevere

We Persevere

Don’t you love a good story about people who overcame odds to reach insurmountable goals in the face of adversity?  

It’s one of the reasons I love watching sports and in particular college basketball. There is one person and one team that comes to mind when I think of perseverance and that is Coach Jim Valvano and the 1983 NC State basketball team.  And Coach V’s speech at the Espy’s in 1993 just before ultimately losing his battle to cancer and his words of “Never Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up.”

Being a REALTOR is tough. We live 100% off commission and our income is a direct result of our hustle, but sometimes, no matter how hard we work, deals don’t work out the way we plan in the beginning.  At Integra Realty, we’ve got that “Never Give Up” attitude and will work with you until the deal is done! We persevere!

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Post Written By: Russ Lockamy

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