June, 2020 Market Update

Key Takeaways


The Triangle's already deflated inventory is even more restricted than ever.  This is great news for sellers looking to get their homes sold quickly for top value!  For buyers it makes it more important than ever to work with a good REALTOR® that has access to every home available on the MLS that is not only for sale today, but also Coming Soon in the days to come!


Showings have finally gotten back to normal levels after going several months of being down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Showings are now in line with last year which is great news showing that buyers are ready to get moving again!


Whether you are a buyer, looking to take advantage of the lowest interest rates in the past 50 years, or a seller looking to cash out on this hot market, contact your Integra Realty REALTOR® today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how we can assist in your real estate goals!

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